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Perfectly imperfect wisdom rhythms.

As we continue to consider and listen for the ancient wisdom rhythms that live within us, and are in service of waking us up to a different orientation in this life in which we can be of service to the kingdom of heaven, it is helpful to remember that we are not attempting perfection. At least not from the typical way we approach it. Perfection in this world is understood to be free of flaws or defects thus we might strive to be in our wisdom rhythm without fail and become discouraged if we are unable to do so. The perfection we are seeking is closer to seeing every piece of our rhythm as already part of the Whole. Our rhythm will stretch and shift and take different forms within the days, weeks, months and years. The wisdom rhythms calling each one of us are attainable (meaning we can discover and engage them) and sustainable (meaning we can stay with them over time) although not always comfortable or convenient. If we are attempting a wisdom rhythm that is neither attainable nor sustainable, we must take a good long honest look at what it is we think we are hearing. Our invitation is to find the through beat and continue to attune ourselves to it, adjusting as needed, and yet faithfully committing ourselves to it. Not because we should but because we must. With love, Heather


From this week's Pauses: Saturday: Blessed are those who love God with all their being, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Mt 5:3. Blessed are the merciful, for they are receiving mercy. Blessed are the merciful, for on them shall be mercies. Blessed are the merciful, for with them are mercies. Mt 5:7 Blessed are those who are pure in their hearts, for they shall see God. Blessed are those who are cleaned and pruned in their innermost being, for they shall see God. Mt 5:8 Sunday: "The heart has a different way of perceiving. Rather than dividing and conquering, it connects with a seamless and indivisible reality through a whole different way of organizing the informational field. And it's ours for the choosing...In wisdom, the heart is primarily an organ of spiritual perception, a highly sensitive instrument for keeping us aligned, as we journey along the horizontal axis of our life in time, with the vertical axis of timeless reality: the realm of meaning, value, and conscience. The heart picks up reality in a much deeper and more integral way than our poor, Cartesian minds even begin to imagine." — Cynthia Bourgeault, The Wisdom Jesus p. 35-36


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