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About Me

I facilitate Wisdom practice circles, groups, retreats, and Wisdom schools. I offer teaching and guidance in various embodied Wisdom, contemplative and mindfulness practices including Centering Prayer, Christian meditation, sacred chanting, lectio divina, conscious work, and sacred gestures in service of waking up and putting on the Mind of Christ. I have had many companions, guides, and teachers along the way, all of whom have contributed to who I am and the work that I do. My work is especially informed by my Masters education in family systems therapy and depth psychology and the teachings of Cynthia Bourgeault in the Christian Wisdom Tradition, Deborah Rose Longo in sacred movements, and Steve Hoskinson in the integration of trauma healing and complexity science through his model Organic Intelligence.

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B.A. Anthropology, University of California San Diego

M.A. Marital and Family Therapy, Bethel University


Somatic Experiencing, SEP

Organic Intelligence

Wisdom Infused Spiritual Direction, Moravian Seminary

Transformed action can only come out of transformed being which can only come out of transformed consciousness.

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