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Wisdom Practice Circles

To see the upcoming Wisdom Practice & Gurdjieff Exercises Circles, Please click the link below.

Wisdom Practice Circles

There are different series of circles each exploring various Wisdom principles and practices to engage a 'Wisdom Way of Knowing.' They typically consist of  meditation, chanting, Lectio Divina, praying with our bodies, working with sensation, readings, reflecting, and sharing how this path is playing out in the midst of daily life in order that we might be in the world as more conscious planetary human beings. These circles are on Zoom and each series has a focus for example going through a sacred text such as Gospel of Thomas, a book or ecourse on the Wisdom path, or working with Gurdjieff Exercises, etc.  

Gurdjieff Exercises Circles

The Gurdjieff Exercises are seated attention practices that work to relax our three-centers (intellectual, emotional, sensation/body) from their automaticity and bring them into coherence. The exercises are intended to stabilize within us the selfhood that can operate in the the kingdom of heaven realm here now; open us to more subtle substances of love, mercy, hope, compassion, gentleness, and strength to name a few; and to transform our being that we might show up in our lives more aligned with these higher influences, offering ourselves in cosmic servanthood. When done in a group, this is amplified and there is great potential to effect change in life. In these circles, we gather on Zoom to work with the seated Gurdjieff Exercises (similar to guided meditation), a wisdom theme, and share observations on the impact of the previous in our lives.

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