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Daily Meditations

Contemplative Pauses
Daily from 8 - 8:30 am Pacific Time

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Collective Contemplative Pauses

In the time together...

Daily. . .

  • We will all join the time in silence entering a few minutes before if possible as I will begin promptly at the designated time. 

  • Everyone will enter in muted and can stay that way unless speaking (you may be invited to share at times) 

  • There will be a reading, chant, and/or body prayer.

  • We will enter into the practice of Centering Prayer or any other type of silent meditation of your choice for 20 minutes on behalf of our planet.

  • Here are is a summary of the practice of Centering Prayer: Begin by finding a comfortable and upright position that you can remain relatively still in for the duration of the prayer period. Choose a sacred word such as love, heart, presence, release. This word is a symbol of your intention to be totally open to God within. During the prayer time you simply allow the thoughts, emotions, sensations, and images that occupy your attention to come into your awareness and rather than engage them with your attention, return to your sacred word. This is not a mantra because you are not repeating, pondering, or meditating on the word. It is simply the vehicle which allows you to let go of that which tries to occupy your attention.

  • Feel free to join for any part of it even if you come late or need to leave early. All are welcome as it works for your life.

Here are a few examples of our time together. . .

Monthly. . .

  • If you have been longing for a Eucharist as wide as the Wisdom Tradition please join us once a month as Henry Schoenfield facilitates a beautifully sacred and vast Eucharistic celebration grounded in the teachings of wisdom.

  • Stay on or join at 8:30 as we continue with a Contemplative Wisdom Eucharist.

  • Have your elements of bread and wine or grape juice ready ahead of time.

  • All are welcome regardless of background or tradition. 

  • Find out about the dates in the weekly emails.

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