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Wisdom Spiritual Direction

Wisdom is about a different way of being in the world and in our life, a way of presence within Wholeness. A way of seeing from the heart as an organ of spiritual perception, open to the more subtle spiritual realities with a vision of human purpose and meaning. It involves listening to the intelligence within our connection to our mind, heart, and body, our connection to others, our biological and spiritual ancestors, the earth, and God, the Divine, the Ground of all Being, the Mystery that infuses and surrounds us.

Wisdom Spiritual Direction is about waking up, transformation and becoming. It moves beyond self-improvement and problem solving and instead focuses on living from and within the Whole. The process of listening and exploration involves not only the spiritual dimension, often seen as the vertical dimension that exists outside of time, but the psychological, often seen as the horizontal dimension that exists in time, and the meeting of these dimensions within the actual body here and now in the present circumstances of our very lives. This work of transformation is a dynamic process of doing and undoing, of efforting and letting go of effort, and of surrendering and showing up to the Whole of which we are inseparably part of. 

Although my main influences have been Western and Christian, wisdom is a shared tradition and I welcome all.

Transformed action can only come out of transformed being which can only come out of transformed consciousness.

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