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I found myself re-turning to love and sorrow and hope this week. It was as if each were whispering in the ear of my heart “remember. . .”

Love uttered, "Remember you cannot escape me, for I am God ever loving you into Being, your deepest Self, and there is nowhere you can turn that I am not.”

Sorrow spoke, “Remember that pain you feel is a result of actually being alive and present and it is not too much, for all who are awakening are companions of me.”

Hope said, “Remember that I live within your roots and do not rely on the external circumstances to be anything other than they are for me to tether you.”

What is whispering in the ear of your heart this week?

And I want to thank Henry for his ongoing beautiful cosmic Eucharist offerings. I have been so deeply nourished by them.

May love, sorrow, and hope meet you,



Here are most of the readings from this week:

“I am in love with Love and Love is in love with me. My body is in love with the soul and the soul is in love with my body. I opened my arms to Love and Love embraced me like a lover. ”

— Rumi

“Sorrow indicates that people who have suffered loss are living authentically in a world of misery, and it expresses the emotional anguish of people who feel pain for themselves or for others. Sorrow is noble and gracious. It enlarges the soul until the soul is capable of mourning and rejoicing simultaneously, of feeling the world’s pain and hoping for the world’s healing at the same time. However painful, sorrow is good for the soul. In fact, deep sorrow often has the effect of stripping life of pretense, vanity, and waste. It forces us to ask basic questions about what is most important in life.”

— Gerald Sittser

“When you are drawn into love, your own sense of an isolated, separate self melts. When you are in love and you sit face-to-face with the one you love, you forget yourself in the beauty of your beloved. Because the beloved is a point of contact with beauty, you are filled with this beauty. Any lover becomes more beautiful through this love. This Beloved, which most people know only in the first moments of romantic love, is in fact present in many faces and guises as our capacity for love grows. This capacity transforms us and makes us more alive. We are never so alive as when we are in love, so why should we restrict this love to the almost impossible conditions of romantic love? Can't we be lovers all the time?”

― Kabir Helminski

"Gravity Is the Way”

Gravity is the way You

dwell in this world

and in me, the way

Love comes down

to us and will not

let us go, ever,

no matter what.

— Meister Eckhart

“Hold fast the hope, which anchors the soul, which is sure and steadfast, that you may float above the world’s sea.” — George Fox

"In the Radiance of Love”

In our fear and shame, we see

only a long and lonely darkness.

In your love, You see even this

as a place waiting to be born

in the radiance of love.

— Meister Eckhart


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