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Readings from the pauses May 29th — June 4th.

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From the Daily Contemplative Pauses

Monday with Chris

Persistent Visitor of Grace,

come as a tender breeze or a fierce wind

through the opened window of my soul.

Greet me with the necessary assurance

that I have enough love and genuine care

to extend compassion for what aches in myself

and in the distressed people homing in my heart.

Come like a sweeping wind through my being.

Gather the best of my love to your expansive love.

Carry this on the wide wings of your sacred breath

to places, people, and creatures crying out to be freed

from whatever it is that chides, hurts, and worries them.

Stir up a passionate vision for a positive future.

Vibrate in my spirit and transmit your message

through the uncertain steps of my pathway.

Increase hope for a peaceful unity of spirit

to grow stronger within our troubled humanity.

Come with your tornadic, Pentecost-force.

Lift away clouds of human greed and apathy

that rob the lands of what is most precious

and steal water and air’s rightful cleanliness.

Come as a constant, insistent motivator

to the part of myself that continually requires

your resonant, transforming presence.

Persuade me to change whatever I must

in order to be more heartfully yours.

Come as a refreshing breeze of the early morning.

Dawn in my heart with the kind of inhaling joy

that only you can give to the sleepy soul.

Return in the evening as the exhaling stillness of dusk.

Lead me to gather the bounty for which to give thanks.

O wild, beguiling, pushy, playful, determined Spirit,

I am ready for you to entice my heart further,

to enter into a deeper and more complete communion

with your gusty and life-giving presence.

— Joyce Rupp

Tuesday with Chris

Divine Love

One could say that it is

brilliant beyond imagination,

Peace Itself, true Life, one could

say these things

but in the end one can only say

what it is not—

It is not anything here,

It is nothing material

although it is the essence of everything

we experience and know, including

our own thoughts and life

It is not you, not my memories

or all that we shared

It is nothing on earth

that we call a personal life,

This Divine Love

is a meeting Soul to Soul

a radiation of

God’s Love; it has no needs

no desires, no thoughts.

It is the Heart broken open

onto and into the universe

as steadily as the sun

gives its light to the cosmos.

— Laurie Conrad, A Mystical Memoir, The Spiritual Journey of Laurie Conrad, unpublished

Wednesday with Chris

"To be on the spiritual path is to know that love is the overflowing fullness of God’s limitless Presence, moving us and prompting us to yield to God’s loving Presence, embodied in our sincere efforts to be as loving as we can be toward God, ourselves, others, and the Earth that sustains us all.

And to be on the spiritual path is to know by experience how often the centrifugal force of our circular journey through time sends us flying out and away from our sense of interconnectedness with God’s Presence in our lives. And how this disconnected and harried state is intensified by fear and anger and other painful emotions, rooted in past and present traumas and abandonments, causing us to get caught up in unloving and hurtful beliefs, attitudes, and ways of treating ourselves and others.

It is in the midst of these sad and harried times that the spiritual path becomes the healing path. We learn to discern and accept the promptings of Grace to activate the healing energies of repentance, responsibility and mercy."

— James Finley, The Healing Path, p. 152

Thursday with Lacey

Transitions can only take place if we are willing to let go of what we have known, the worlds we have created, and our assumptions about “how things are.” To let go is the precursor to being reborn. We discard the baggage of societal expectations and, like a morning glory, open to the possibilities of each new day, each new moment, even if those possibilities are shadowy and disorientating…

We say that we are letting go, but, in our society, letting go is more like a tug of war. We diligently guard our stories (true or not), our lifestyles, and our belief systems until they are ripped from our sweaty palms. And yet, letting go is a necessary part of transformation….

When we let go, the only constants are God’s love and God’s promise that we will never be left alone. This space that I name contemplative is a place of breaking, relinquishment, and waiting.

— Barbara Holmes

In the radiance of dark, there is process:

the unfolding of mystery,

things words cannot articulate,

a threshold to freedom the mind cannot comprehend.

But the body feels,

the heart knows:

This is liminality.

The threshold of transition,

from death to life, from evening to morn,

from gestation to giving birth.

The unknown is a part of it all.

— Felicia Murrell

Friday with Heather


The good road from above is like a

hidden treasure a man finds buried in a

field. He buries it back into the ground

and is then happy to go and trade every.

thing he has for that field.

The good road from above is also

like a trader in goods who is looking for

the finest of beads. When he finds one

of great beauty and worth, he trades all

his goods so he can have it.

Here is another way to see the good

road from above: A large fishing net is

let down into the great waters. Many dip.

ferent kinds of fish are caught in it

aWhen it is filled up, the fishermen pull

it to shore. Then they sit down and separated

the good fish into baskets and

throw away the bad fish. . .

He smiled and said to them,

Every scroll keeper who has learned to walk in

the ways of Creator's good road is like the

head of a family, an elder who opens the

medicine pouch of his heart, sharing

wisdom that is both new and old, bringing

new understanding to the old ways.

— Matthew 13:44-48, 52, First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

Saturday with Heather


In the same way the Father loves me.

I have loved you. Never stop walking this

road of love. By doing what the Father

has told me, I have remained in his love.

As you walk in my ways, my love will

remain in you. I am saying this so your

hearts will be filled with the same joy

I have.

To walk the road with me, you

must love each other in the same way I

have loved you. There is no greater

way to show love to friends than to die

in their place. You are my friends if you

walk in my ways and do what I say. I no

longer see you as my servants but as

friends. Masters do not share their

hearts and plans with their servants, but

I have shown you everything I have

heard from my Father.

You may think you chose me, but I

am the one who chose you. You are my

new garden where I will grow a great

harvest of my love—the fruit that

remains. When you bear this fruit, you

represent who I am—my name. Then the

Father will give you whatever you ask

for. "I am telling you this so you will

walk the road of love with each other.

— John 15: 9-17, First Nations Version: An Indigenous Translation of the New Testament

Sunday with Joy

Each Soul Completes Me

My Beloved said, "My name is not complete without yours." I thought: How could a human's worth ever be such? And God knowing all our thoughts — and all our thoughts are innocent steps on the path — then addressed my heart, God revealed a sublime truth to the world, when He sang, "I am made whole by your life. Each soul, each soul completes me.

— Hafiz, translated by Daniel Ladinsky


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