Continuing Eastertide...

As you know, according to the liturgical year in the Christian tradition, we are still in the fifty days of Eastertide, holding vigil, opening, softening, suppling, making space, strengthening our nervous systems and readying our hearts to be available to truth at increasingly subtle and intense frequencies. This becomes even more pressing within the ten days we are amidst between the Feast of Ascension (Thursday, May 13th) and the Feast of Pentecost (Sunday, May 23rd). These days can be experienced as liminal time in which we await the fiery descent of intense spiritual energies.

Again, the wager we are invited to live in this Pascal Season is that there may be a sudden release of stored potential spiritual energy that can propel us forward in our transformation or mutation (a distinct form resulting from a change in structure). This transfiguration may not manifest as something pronounced or even visible but rather may be quite delicate, an abstruse inward shift. Yet if we trust that the Universe, that God inside, in between, and all around us is conspiring for us, for our good, why not be open to such potential for such growth? Especially as we head into summer and pandemic restrictions ease up even more. Remember a wager is about seeing for yourself, about checking out this invitation from the inside and whether it speaks true for you from your own embodied experience.

As I have mentioned many times before, this year has brought collective trauma in many forms. It is difficult to process something while still experiencing it and this typically leads to a back log of processing, in this case both individually and collectively. There is a great need for our nervous systems to be stable enough not only to receive the intense spiritual energies availed to us but also to secrete them into the collective nervous system in ways that support alleviating the suffering of all. This is our task, our spiritual offering as we continue on.

I want to remind you of an upcoming retreat this month, May 21-31st, Living the Beatitudes: Discovering the Mystical Truth of Jesus’ Words. Emergence from this very difficult year of pandemic can be seen with the eyes of the heart as a great birthing of a new world. How do we align ourselves with this vision, join in this “one great act of giving birth?” What could be better guidance than the Beatitudes, Jesus' instructions for realizing the Kingdom of Heaven right here on Earth. And when we revisit his teachings with the help of Neil Douglas-Klotz’s translations from Aramaic, Jesus' own language, we are brought home to a transformed relationship with the cosmos. Join us as we give ourselves―body, mind, and emotion―to this labor of love. If you are interested in joining me, Joy Hayter, and Catherine Reagan you can find out more here as well as below. All are welcome and scholarships are available.

It continues to be such a gift to chant and meditate with those of you who are able to be a part of the collective contemplative pause space. Henry Schoenfield facilitated a beautiful sacred celebration of the Eucharist for us this morning. For those who would like to celebrate together in this way again, reserve 15-25 minutes on Sunday, June 20th after our centering prayer period. All friends and family are welcome to join. Keep your eye out for future dates as well. Henry has been missing and longing for liturgy and has had the unfolding of new expressions on his heart for quite some time. Recently he said, “I was just rereading what Cynthia says about Eucharist in The Wisdom Jesus. Cynthia says, "It will be some time yet before liturgies emerge above the radar screen that capture this wisdom understanding of Eucharist." That sounds like an invitation worth taking up! I wonder what that might look like...”

May we engage the act of mothering

May we create something new out of our pain

May we practice mutuality instead of hierarchy

May we choose self-love instead of internalized oppression

May we practice intersectionality, refusing to let hegemony “divide and conquer” us

May we be the way we heal

With love,



Here are a some of the readings from this week:

“God is an invitation to fall apart, a pressing vocation to learn how to limp. Learning how to limp is unlearning mastery. It is learning how to be intimate with other kinds of human and non-human bodies around us - especially those we are accustomed to making invisible.”

— Bayo Akomolafe

[Love in the voice of wisdom says] "When the world was born, I came into being. Before the centuries were made, I issued from the hand of God — half-formed, yet destined to grow in beauty from age to age, the handmaiden of [God’s] work. Everything in the universe is made by union and generation — by the coming together of elements that seek out one another, melt together two by two, and are born again in a third. God instill