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Collective Autumn Triduum Vigil.

At the close of this Autumn Triduum, we return to Cynthia Bourgeault's words, "In the quiet, brown time of the year, these fall Triduum days are an invitation to do the profound inner work: to face our shadows and deep fears (death being for most people the scariest of all), to taste that in ourselves which already lies beyond death, drink at its fountain, then to move back into our lives again, both humbled and steadied in that which lies beyond both light and dark, beyond both life and death. What better tilling of the inner soil for the mystery of the Incarnation, which lies just ahead?"

This has been quite a tender and potent thin time. Thank you to those who let me know you were consciously joining me in this sacred passage way and vigil as well as to those of you who silently presenced along. We can honor the collective presence we have gathered and cohered over the past three days. . . and together we offer up from the collective invincible Heart of God that lives in the depths of the individual heart of each one of us. . . towards that someone, something, or somewhere specific that each one of us named as a heavy burden on our individual vincible human selves. May it be so.

Although the Autumn Triduum has come to a close, we've just but begun to till the inner soil in readiness for the mystery of Incarnation. Thus, invitations to carry on the profound inner work of letting go, leaning in, surrendering and engaging as a skillful ancestor woven within this passageway remain throughout this season. May our ongoing collective communal work to be good ancestors ourselves be wholing/healing for the world in some unseen and unknown way.

A blessed letting go, leaning in, surrendering and engaging to us all,



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