Blessed are the Pure in Heart...

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.”

In the Christian wisdom tradition, along with many other spiritual traditions, the heart is not to be mistaken for the place from which our fleeting emotions emerge and fade but is the lens from which we come to perceive and ‘see’ the spiritual dimension of Life. When the heart is pure, we see everything is spiritual. There is no separation between the sacred and profane, between heaven and the mundane. We come to ‘see God everywhere’ because as we see through the eyes of our heart we are seeing through the eyes of God’s Heart. As Cynthia says, “you see through the eyes of non- duality; God is the seeing itself.”

What keeps our hearts from being pure? From a non-dual perspective it can be understood as anything that divides the heart rather than wholes the heart. Our hearts become divided when we cling to one part of the whole and allow it to become so big that we mistake it for the whole. This can happen when our perception becomes small and limited and can take place in each of our centers in the realm of thought, emotions, and sensations.

We may fall out of Presence and ‘seeing’ from wholeness in our mind/intellectual centers by becoming fixated on an overly negative or positive thought pattern; in our emotional/feeling center by becoming clogged with a pleasant or unpleasant emotion that we want to hold onto or reject; in our body/movement centers by only focusing on areas of tension and pain, disconnecting from sensation, or allowing conditioned impulses to control what we approach and avoid.

There are many ways the heart can become divided and we can observe without any judgment when this happens. When we become aware that our heart is divided we can thank the part of us that sees and we can allow the seeing to re-whole us and trust that in fact in the seeing the wholing has already begun.

If we are going to be capable of ‘seeing’ through God it requires being awake and aligned in these centers. We don’t have to live there, in fact we should not even make that the goal but when we can, we will most certainly experience what it means to be bless-ed and to taste the abundance of seeing from and through Love.

This week, we continue with our exploration of the Beatitudes. Hold inside yourself and meditate on the seventh Beatitude as well as a few alternative translations from Prayers of the Cosmos: Reflecting on the Original Meaning of Jesus’s Words.

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called children of God.

Blessed are those who plant peace each season; they shall be named the children of God.

Healthy are those who strike the note that unites; they shall be remembered as rays of the One Unity.

Integrated are those who joyfully knit themselves together within; they shall be stamped with the seal of Cosmic Identity.

Spend some time in lectio divina with the one that you are most drawn to.

First, take a moment to sense your body and drop into heart. Speak the words out loud. Listen with the ear of your heart and allow yourself to be drawn to a word or phrase that touches you.

Second, speak the words aloud again. Mull what struck you around with all three centers. Reflect on the text, allowing the questions, insights, and memories to flow from your own life experience. Ask yourself what relevance or application this has to yourself, how does this touch my life at this time?

Third, speak the words aloud again. Notice your interior response to what is arising and whether there is a prayer or gesture or image that can be offered on behalf of you, others, the world, or God.

Fourth, speak the words aloud again. Rest in the stillness within, allowing all that has emerged to settle further in you in silence.

May we cleanse the lens of our hearts

May we remember that our hearts are fractals of the Divine Heart

May we see God everywhere

May we see from Love and Wholeness