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And so we begin again. . . 2023

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About the Class

“Knowledge can be acquired by a suitable and complete study, no matter what the starting point is. Only one must know how to 'learn.' What is nearest to us is [human]; and you are the nearest of all [humans] to yourself. Begin with the study of yourself; remember the saying 'Know thyself.'” - G.I. Gurdjieff ​ A new year has ushered in marking a threshold. . . a moment to pause, ponder and prepare. . . to learn something about ourselves and about what life is telling us as we begin again from this starting point. It is good for our being to enter this ritual and tradition as so many have and will to come. This online space is intended to offer you a the space to pause, reflect and study yourself this past year, listening for what is wanting to unfold in this year ahead. It is a time of quiet practices, quotes, poetry, and reflection questions. Have a candle, a cozy beverage, your journal and/or art supplies, and an open heart.

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