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Wednesday Gurdjieff Exercises Circle Feb-May 2023

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About the Class

The Gurdjieff Exercises are seated attention practices that work to relax our three-centers from their automaticity and bring them into coherence. The exercises are intended to stabilize within us the selfhood that can operate in the imaginal realm; open us to more subtle substances of love, mercy, hope, compassion, gentleness, and strength to name a few; and to transform our being that we might show up in our lives more aligned with these higher influences, offering ourselves in cosmic servanthood. When done in a group, this is amplified and there is great potential to effect change in life. Our circle will work with various Gurdjieff Exercises and themes from the Gurdjieff Work and Cynthia Bourgeault's teachings of the Christian Wisdom Tradition focused around Jesus’ invitation to be a true human being and will draw on the Obligolnian Strivings map according to Gurdjieff about what it means to be a true human being. There will be space for sharing observations from our work.

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