Another big week.

This is another big week. Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Wednesday is Inauguration Day. There is such a strong need to stay steady and steward our Beings that we might offer - others, the world, the Divine - more than we take. As we continue our contemplative practices, we must make a bridge to action and bring our inner stillness and silence into the way we show up in life. I realize saying ‘we’ can be problematic in the sense that ‘we’ are not homogenous. Yes, ‘we’ are all One and ‘we’ are differentiated individuals with unique identities, characteristics, and experiences. It is both.

Martin Luther King Jr. said, “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity.” Leaning into Epiphany and the gifts of wisdom available to us will support us in creating and then stepping onto that bridge toward discerned action. Building this bridge toward action will also be different for each person.

Some of us may have already been building that bridge and are now invited to vulnerably and humbly take another step on the other side. Others may be more comfortable with action than with contemplation, to which Thomas Merton’s words are helpful. "If you attempt to act and do for others or for the world without deepening your own self-understanding, freedom, integrity and capacity to love, you will not have anything to give others.”

Wherever you are, lean into gentleness and warm heartedness and ride the edge without judging yourself or trying to get yourself to be capable of more than you are. Just be. Just do the next thing.

May you be anchored.

May you be surrendered.

May you be connected.

May you be free.

May you trust the invincibility of your own heart.

With love,


Here are a some of the readings from the ‘collective contemplative pauses’ this week:

'The Year as a House: A Blessing'

Think of the year

as a house:

door flung wide

in welcome,

threshold swept

and waiting,

a graced spaciousness

opening and offering itself

to you.

Let it be blessed

in every room.

Let it be hallowed

in every corner.

Let every nook

be a refuge

and every object

set to holy use.

Let it be here

that safety will rest.

Let it be here

that health will make its home.

Let it be here

that peace will show its face.

Let i