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At the start of the pandemic, one of the people in our community shared that she had been working with her mom to use one of her mom's art pieces to create a sense of unity and community during quarantine. Her mom has been offering a free piece to download with the idea that it be a resource for meditation, calming, connection, and knowing that there is a larger community looking at the same image. This piece is the waterfall image that you see as a backdrop for several of us who gather in the pauses. As time continues on I thought it would be good to come back to this so that if you are drawn, you too may download the image and if you would like you can make it your backdrop as well.  Here is what our community member's mother said: In an effort to alleviate the social separation during this trying time, I have decided to create a community united by one common image. When I made this image, I felt an intense connection between nature and humanity, and I wish to invite you to experience the same. Included in this email is a complimentary download of this image for you to print and place in a prominent area of your home. Whenever you see this image, know that everyone else in this community has the same image and is present and holding you in this space. May this image be a resource for connection and love. If you would like to download this image for free, please click "here". Go through the checkout process at no cost. You have the option to download the image by clicking on the title "LIFE" at check-out, after you place the order, or use the link on your email receipt. Please join other community members in expressing your experience with the image. You can follow this LINK to read other responses and add your own.  We will all get through this together. Sincerely, Lu Indeed we will all get through this together and more than that we have an opportunity to shape a different future moving forward. With Love, Heather


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