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Friday Gurdjieff Exercises Circle June-Dec 2023

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About the Class

The Gurdjieff Exercises are seated attention practices that work to relax our three-centers from their automaticity and bring them into coherence. The exercises are intended to stabilize within us the selfhood that can operate in the imaginal realm; open us to more subtle substances of love, mercy, hope, compassion, gentleness, and strength to name a few; and to transform our being that we might show up in our lives more aligned with these higher influences, offering ourselves in cosmic servanthood. When done in a group, this is amplified and there is great potential to effect change in life. We will continue to work with the Gurdjieff Exercises as well as explore themes and share observations. Our themes will focus on deepening our understanding of the law of three and the law of seven along with some of the key Gurdjieff Work concepts that Cynthia draws on. The group suggested cost for the 15 weeks is $75-300. You pick what works for you in that range. Preferred payment would be through Zelle (, 619-252-9452) or check (address: 6791 Alamo Way, La Mesa, CA 91942), then Venmo (@HeatherRuce). If none of those work for you then PayPal ( is also an option. Dates are: June 30th, (nothing in July), August 11th, and from September 1st through December 22nd (with the exception of 10/6, 11/3, 11/24 & 12/8).

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