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Wisdom Movements Circle October-November 2023

  • 35Participants

About the Class

In this Wisdom Movements Circle we will work with the Gurdjieff Movements as a Wisdom practice or prayer that both cultivates three-centered presence and inner witnessing presence along with time for sharing our observations that arise as we work with them. The Movements are Gurdjieff’s interpretations of sacred temple dances and rituals he had seen and studied during his travels to monasteries in Asia and Africa. He saw them as a means by which ancient Wisdom is preserved and passed down to future generations. Through their embodied symbolic language beyond our thinking mind, a deeper perception arises. Although there are different kinds of these Movements: ritual, prayers, dervish dances, mathematical patterns, etc, the objective of them all is that they are prayers. Gurdjieff saw them as medicine. Like Eastern martial arts, they are exact and precise, demanding precision, discipline and dedication. We will meet Wednesdays from 4:00-5:15pm Pacific Time Oct 11th through Nov 15th. A total of 6 times. Because participation is an important part of the Gurdjieff Movements, presence in all classes is preferred but at least 4 of the 6 is required. Total cost for all 6 times is $30-120, pick what works for you in that range. When you go to pay you will see the listed price is $120 to pay online OR you can choose to "PAY OFFLINE" (the amount you wish) through Zelle (, check (address: 6791 Alamo Way, La Mesa, CA 91942) or Venmo (@HeatherRuce).

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